Every week at Nurturing Birth we speak to people who are thinking about training as a doula. Sometimes it’s something they’ve dreamed about for many years, but have been waiting for the right time. For others a loved one has suggested that they would be great in the role and this is their first exploration into what it might mean to be a doula. We love the conversations we have with people, and particularly busting a lot of the myths they may have about what doulas “should” be like.

Do I need to have had children? Do I need medical experience? Do I need to have had vaginal births? Is it important that I breastfed my babies? Can I make money as a doula? Do I need to be a hippy?!

We run a 5-day experience three times a year to give you the space to explore whether there is a doula in you and if taking a doula training is the next right step.

 Over the five days you can expect

-Daily emails with tasks and reflective work to be done in your own time

-Access to a private  Facebook group

-Thought provoking daily prompts

-Live interactive chats with members of the Nurturing Birth community

-The opportunity to join a special Nurturing Birth "Virtual Cuppa" on Zoom

-Time in the group with other potential doulas

-End of week live Q&A session

-An exclusive ITADIY offer

By the end of the 5-day experience you will be really clear about what a doula's role is, whether you feel drawn to dive deeper into training and how Nurturing Birth will support you before, during and after your training.  

The next Is there a Doula in you will run from Monday 16th - Friday 20th September 2024 and costs just £27 (the cost of which will be deductible from any course you book with us within 6 months)!

Click below to book, mark out time in your diary from 16th-20th September to read the emails, engage in the Facebook group and join our live calls.  The full schedule will be shared with you once you have registered. All chats and interviews will be shared in the group for you to catch up on if you can't join live. 

If you would like more information please contact us by email [email protected]

Join us for Is there a doula in you

“I absolutely loved the Nurturing Birth Doula Course. I felt welcomed, safe and comfortable. I was able to be my raw self and share my experiences with no judgements being passed. I felt a sense of healing as I shared my experiences and self reflections. I’m so glad I followed my heart when I registered for the course. The support before, during and after the course is just what I needed to remind me this is the community I want to be a part of. Thank you!”

- Iram Ayaz