Becoming A Mentor

We welcome applications to join the Nurturing Birth mentoring team ‚Äď a multi-national group of doulas spread¬†across¬†the world.¬†

There is a three-stage process if you would like to be considered for a place on the Nurturing Birth mentor team.  You will need to:

  • attend a 2-hour Dreaming of Being a Mentor workshop (cost ¬£30). ¬†If you still feel called to becoming a mentor you can ...
  • take our¬†Dreaming of Being a Mentor online course which includes reflective work, learning modules, assignments and book review (cost ¬£197)
  • have a mentoring session with a member of the Nurturing Birth team (included in the cost of the course)
  • apply to join the Nurturing Birth team
  • attend an¬†Interview

Both birth and post natal doulas are welcome to apply.  Attending the workshop and course does not guarantee a place on the Nurturing Birth mentor team.  

Please note that it is expected that all Nurturing Birth mentors will invest in mentoring sessions three times a year as soon as they join the team.

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