Nurturing Birth Retreat

Come together in a safe space to find connection, support

and nourishment

How often do you take time to nurture yourself?

We often use the expression "You cannot pour from an empty cup" when talking to doulas.  Our work is so vital and yet we often give so much of ourselves that we are left feeling depleted, exhausted and, if we are not careful, burnt out and resentful.  

Our retreat days are designed for doulas and birth workers to replenish - to fill that cup - so that we leave feeling recharged, revitalised and ready to go back out there and support people in a way that we love.   

During a Nurturing Birth Retreat day we nourish body, mind and spirit.  There will be gentle movement, relaxation, delicious food and opportunities for reflective work, all within a beautiful setting designed to leave you feeling calmer and more connected, both with yourself and other lovely doulas and birth keepers.  You will have the opportunity to take stock of where you are and revisit your plans, desires and aspirations.  





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I had the most wonderful day at the Nurturing Birth Retreat. I knew that being surrounded by like-minded doulas was almost guaranteed to feel amazing and I was not disappointed.

Sophie and Michelle were so welcoming and approachable from the minute I arrived. The venue was perfect and easy to find, such a wonderful place which made you feel immediately comfortable. The food was absolutely delicious and everyone had plenty to eat throughout the day.

We enjoyed some relaxing yoga, some reflection, incredible breathwork and we even had a lovely short walk to appreciate our surroundings. It was a truly nurturing day for body and soul and I would recommend this to any doula in need of connection, a safe space and some Nurturing Birth love.

Sarah Sayer, 2021